The concept of cycleblob is based on the lighcycles game from the 1982 movie "TRON". In the original movie lightcycles played against each other on a flat grid and could only make 90 degree turns while on the grid. Cycleblob takes this idea to the next level and makes the grid a three-dimentional object, floating in space.

Cycleblob is implemented using WebGL and HTML 5 canvas elements and is written completely in JavaScript. WebGL is a port of OpenGL ES 2.0 to JavaScript. The latest version of the WebGL specification can be found here.

Cycleblob was created by Shy Shalom, an Israeli developer, as a personal project for learning WebGL and game engine design and implementation.
Many thanks to: Terry Hagag, Lior Ashkenazi, Lior Shapira, Noa Simon, Matthew Hagerty, Kenneth Russell, Benoit Jacob for various kinds of help, inspiration and support.

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